Block Diagram Of Computer

Computer is a group of integrated parts that have the common purpose to perform the given operations. There are Four units in the block diagram of the personal computer Such as CPU(Centeral Processing Unit), Storage, Input devices and output devices as shown in the following figure.

Block Diagram Of Computer

The following Unit of Block Diagram Of Computer

CPU (Central Processing Unit)

The CPU is the heart of the computer. The CPU is the main part of Block Diagram of Computer. CPU is made up the integrated circuit called microprocessor. The CPU performs actual calculations,making decisions and guides the machine in all its operations. Every CPU has three basic components, namely ALU (Arithmetic and Logical Unit ), internal memory (Register array ) and Control Unit. ALU performs all arithmetic and logical operation and control unit controls all the activities of the computer such as data transfer from one device to another. Internal registers are used for processing, storing results and maintaining flow of execution.


Storage is the Second part of Block Diagram of Computer. The process of saving information or set of instruction permanently is known as storage. Data and information has to be fed into the system before the actual processing starts. Because the processing speed of CPU is so fast that the data has to be provided to CPU with the same speed.The data is first stored in the storage unit for faster access and processing. The primary storage of the computer system is specificaly designed to do the above functionality. It provides space for storing data and instructions.

Input Devices

Input Devices is the third part of Block Diagram of Computer. A huge amount of data can be processed by computer. The first step in data processing is to capture necessary data to enter into the computer. The devices through which the data are entered into the computer are called input devices. Computer has many input devices as keyboard,Mouse,Scanner,Mike,CD,Hard Disk,Magnetic tape,light pen etc.

Output Devices

Output Device is the last part of Block Diagram of Computer. Output devices of computer produce or generate results with the help of devices or gadgets such as printer,monitor,speaker etc primarily these instruction or data provided to computer system is in binary code so to produce or generate the desired output the system has to convert this data into human-readable form.