Characteristics of Computer

Now a days computer is important part of out life. It is very powerful and useful device. The Power and usefulness of this popular device are mainly due to its following characteristics of Computer.

The Following 7 characteristics of Computer.

1) Speed :

The Speed is a first Characteristics of Computer. The Computer is an electronics device, it performs its all operation using electronics pulses, and since electricity travels at the speed of light, Computer are very fast in its operation. The computer can executes millions (1,000,000) of instructions and even more per second. The Computer speed are measured in nanoseconds.

2) Storage :

The Storage is a Second Characteristics of Computer. Computer has very large storage capacity. Computer uses two types of memories primary memory and Secondary memory. We can store approximate 20,000,00 pages A4 Size in 1GB capacity. All the information we save in the computer store in a secondary storage device.

3) Accuracy :

The Accuracy is a Third Characteristics of Computer. Computer Does not make mistake if there is an error, this will be due to human mistake. Computer errors caused due to incorrect input data given by user. Accuracy of computer is very high and every calculation is accurate, and The accuracy level is 7.

4) Diligence or Hard Working :

The Diligence or Hard Working is a fourth Characteristics of Computer. A computer being machines do not suffer from tiredness and lake of concentration. Computer can work for hours without creating any error. Millions of calculations are to be performed a computer and every calculation with the same accuracy and speed.

5) Versatility :

The Versatility is a fifth Characteristics of Computer. Computers can perform a number of jobs with speed,accuracy and diligence. It is used in Medical, Engineering, Animation, Banking, Commerece, Science etc. The computer is capable of performing almost any task.

6) Power of Remembering :

The Power of Remembering is a sixth Characteristics of Computer. Information can be recalled by user whenever necessary. Even after very long time the information recalled would be as accurate as on the day when it was inserted to the computer.

7) No Feeling :

The No Feeling is a Last Characteristics of Computer. Computer does not have feelings or emotion,experience,knowledge.