Classification of Computer

Computers are available in different shpes,weights,sizes,due to these different shpes and sizes they perform different sorts of jobs from one another. They can also be classified in different ways. Different computers are designed by the qualified computer architectures that design these machines as their requirements.

Here we are going to introduce different classification of computers one by one. We will discuss the classification computer what are in classifications and what job they perform.

The following different classification of computers :

1) Super Computer :

The Super Computer biggest in size, the most expensive in price than any other is classified and know as super computer. Super computer are highest operation rate for computers. It can process trillions of instructions in seconds.

Super computer have been used only engineering application that must very large of dastabase,and scientific. super computer is not use in college, medical, student etc because super computer very expensive and large size. Goverments specially use this type of computers for their different calculations and heavy jobs.

2) Mainframes Computer :

Mainframe computers also know as large size,large amount of storage,and large processing power, high level of reliability. This computer are used in large organization for mission-critical application requiring high volumes of data processing.Mainframe computer can process millions of instruction per second and capable of processing billions of data.

This Computer is commonly used in big hospitals, air line, reservation companies, and many other huge companies prefer mainframe because of its capable of retrieving data on a huge basis. This kind of computer can cost up to thousands of dollers.

3) Mini Computer :

Mini computer is next in the line but less offers less than mainframe in work and performance. these are the computers,which are mostly preferred by the small type of bussiness, personals, colleges, hospital, etc. A minicomputer also be called as mid range computer

4) Personal Computer :

Almost all the computer users are familiar with the perosnal computers. Personal computer mostly preferred by the home users. A personal computer is use general-purpose , cost effective computer this computer are design to be used by single end-user.

Personal computer is small in size and you can easily arrange it to fit in your single bedroom with its all accommodation. Today personal computer are most popular computer in all.

5) Notebook Computers :

Having a small and low weight the notebook is easy to carry to anywhere. A student can take it with school bag and brifcase. It can store the same amount of data and having memory of the same size as that of personal computer. Notebook computer use a varity of techniques is know as flat-panel technology to produce a light-weight and non bulky display scrren.