A computer keyboard is an input device that allows a person to enter numbers, letters, and other symbols into a computer. The keyboard v is the mostly commonly used input device. The computer's keyboard layout is similar to that of a typewriter, with same additional keys. A keyboard may have 83, 84 or 101 keys. Now a days multimedia keys are also available. Now a days multimedia keys are also available. Whenever a key is pressed the electric contacts and circuits just below the key translate the massage from the key into the equivalent binary code.

keyboard input device

Keyboard Function :

  • 1) Some keys such as the shift and caps lock key are toggle keys.
  • 2) Other keys as Alt and Ctrl keys are combination keys that perform an action when held down in combination with another key.
  • 3) A Computer keyboard combines a typewriter keyboard with a numeric keypad. Additional it has many special purpose keys.
  • 4) There some keys are function keys. Function keys perform some special function such as loading programs and offering help. There are programmable keys.
  • 5) Tab key moves the cursor to the next tab position.
  • 6) Backspace key is used to delete the back position character. This key delets the previous character and place the cursor at back position.
  • 7) Enter Key is used to go to next line of page.